Friday, 24 June 2016

UNIZIK Student Ptotests Against Ecobank As ATM Debits Her Without Dispensing (

Help! Ecobank Debited My Account Without Dispensing The Cash Please nairalanders help me push this message till it gets to buhari if possible. My friend tried making a withdrawal through her ecobank ATM and her account was credited without dispensing the cash. All effort to resolve the issue proved abortive cos the bank's branch manager is being indifferent. Things are hard this time. It is even harder for a student and to be ripped off by an institution that is meant to safeguard your money is just not fair. That's day time robbery. Ecobank awka please and please, credit this poor girls account and upgrade your system. ( Quote ) ( Report ) 1 Like ( Like ) 1 Share ( Share) Re: UNIZIK Student Ptotests Against Ecobank As ATM

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